Just like the effortless fun you have taking selfies with friends, rest assured, you will feel just as at ease in front of my camera on your big day. What I do is so different from wedding photography - very little posing, just some prompts to make you feel at home while I film.

It's always such a unique experience for me! When I am filming, I capture the beauty of moments, laughter, emotion and lots of movement. It truly is about celebrating your genuine selves and those around you.

Just be yourselves and let me do the rest


It's crucial we vibe

It's crucial for me to connect with you before your big day. If we happen to live close by, I'd love to meet you for a cuppa. If not - let's do a video call before you book. I want to know your love story, vision and aspirations. This way, you'll feel so at ease when I am there, filming your big day. And it will also allow me to focus on moments that are truly meaningful to you!


every film is carefully crafted with your unique story in mind

Your story is one of a kind. And your film should be, too. I treat every wedding film I create differently, because, let's be honest, we are all different.

Did you know, that many exceptional artists painted two or more paintings of the same subjects? Yet, paintings were never the same. They would experiment with style, techniques and different colours. Just like 2 versions of da Vinci's "The Madonna of the Yarnwinder".

I love experimenting with different styles and techniques, making sure that whatever I do - portraits the real you. Your true love.

No awkward posing

My couples are just like me: laid-back, easy-going and don't take life too seriously. It's all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable experience.