How far out do you book?

It's 2023 now and I have a few bookings for 2026 in already. It's usually 1.5 years out. However, I sometimes make exceptions 🙂

Do you use drone?

I use my drone extensively, weather/location & timeline permitting. I'm one of those drone-crazy people.

Do you travel?

Love travelling for weddings! Will be happy to film your wedding anywhere in the world. I keep it real simple: price for any of the packages stays the same + flights, accommodation and car rental where necessary.

When will we see our film?

In short: I try to deliver as soon as it's done. A documentary film is generally being delivered within 3 months from the date of your wedding. Creative films may take up to 6-7 months. But worry not, I won't leave you in the dark 🙂 And you will always be kept in the loop as to when to expect your film.

How long does it take you to edit?

It takes me around 16-20 hours to edit a full documentary, 35+ hours for a creative short, and around 60 hours to complete your story edit. It's a long and tedious process and, like with any art, requires focus, precision editing and a loooot of love for what I do 🙂

Can you help us find other suppliers?

Of course! I have worked with so many different suppliers, from MUA to bands, that I'll be happy to recommend a few I really felt went all out for my couples.

Do you work well with photographers?

This line of work requires a certain personality and I've never had any issues while filming. I understand that for some of you it may be a concern though. So the way I look at it is this: I see myself and your photographer as a team. Working together to create something so beautiful and capture the best moments we can. Communication is key here 🙂

Can you recommend a good photographer?

Oooo, I have a good few names to share with you. However, I always recommend this one: Darren Maher and can send a few other names as well in case Darren was booked. He is a top-class photographer, who, like me, is very easy-going and artistic. He will be a great addition to your day! Just take a look at his stunning photos, you will instantly fall in love!

What is a creative film?

A creative film is a 5-7 or 10-12min long film. Why so short? Because good things come in small packages 🙂 Seriously though, it's probably the best length. Not too long, not too short (trust me not, 5-7 min is long enough to experience every precious moment of your wedding, from morning to night, from laughter with your bridesmaids to your guests enjoying themselves, and, finally, to the madness on the dance floor). Feedback I got from my couples exceeded all my expectations! Short films are a huge success.

Also, from my own experience, full documentaries are just too long to watch. And they generally end up collecting dust.

What is a love story film?

These films take a special place in my heart. It is exactly what it says - a story about your love. Filming takes 2 days: full wedding day + a few hours on a different day, where we either go to a beautiful location that is meaningful to you, or we could do it in a hotel or even at your home if it's more "you".

This film will portrait all the precious moments from your wedding day, it will be creatively filmed and edited. And a professional narrator will tell your story in a very special way. In a way that shows your true feelings for one another.

In the end you will get a beautiful and a very unique film that will preserve precious memories forever. Something you will WANT to watch again and again.

Can we request no media exposure?

I extensively work with clients who want to keep their films for private use only. I respect that the same way I respect my childrens' privacy and would never post any such films on social media. If that's you - let's discuss well in advance

Do you hire second shooters?

I love working alone. Besides, from my experience, second shooters would generally have their own style that doesn't tie in with mine. There is always such an option, however, I rarely hire second shooters nowadays. Besides, it's rare I meet one that truly cares about my couple and is happy to take a bit of guidance on what kind of shots I need

What if there is a fair distance between us in the morning?

As much as I love covering both places on the morning of your wedding, sometimes it's not logistically possible. In that case, I will always film your other half later in the day in case of a documentary shoot and/or get them to do something funky (something that isn't out of character for them 🙂 ) during the photoshoot. Either way you are both covered!

What is the booking process?

It's very important to me to connect with you before you book, so first step would be to fill out the enquiry form. I will check my availability and we will then arrange a meeting if we live close by or a phone call.

I always love making sure that my ideas about your wedding film align with yours and that we are a good fit for each other. I developed my own style of filming and the couples I end up working we share that vision with.

Then it's all down to filling out a booking form that helps me stay organised and lets me prepare for your big day.

After that we jump on a quick call a week or two before your wedding to ensure all the details stayed the same.