how it started



I am about 6. My granddad is giving me a film camera. I am instantly falling in love.

Photography and videography have always been a significant part of my journey, and I've tried my hand at various fields. However, it was in weddings that I discovered my true passion. With years of experience under my belt, I have developed a keen eye for capturing unfiltered and genuine emotions.

My ability to observe people, capture precious moments and tell stories through film has become my main driving force. I believe that every photograph or video has the power to evoke emotions and tell a compelling story.

In my work, I approach each project with a commitment to authenticity and creativity. I strive to create an atmosphere that allows for organic and spontaneous moments to unfold naturally.

I believe that the best shots come from genuine interactions and unposed scenes. Whether it's a wedding, elopement, or a love story, my goal is to capture the essence of the moment, ensuring that the emotions and memories are forever preserved.


Camping. Children. Our dog. Wild swimming.
Oh, yeah... Music. Lots of music.

Not being tied to an office (I can edit films and photos from anywhere in the world) has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. We do a lot of camping and travel around.

When not at a wedding, you will find me in some beautiful spot, waking up to a stunning sunrise somewhere in the mountains, going for a dip in the Atlantic, hiking Wicklow mountains...

my spare time

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Like in any relationship, vibing together is important to me. I'm open-minded, up for anything, easy-going and always up for some laughs. I find that my couples are very much like that, too, which makes it so enjoyable to create stories together

in life & at work

I am chill

& easy-going

telling stories through film is my superpower